Why 75% of Americans Are Dehydrated, And How To Get That Number Down!

The Causes

The human body is programmed to alert us when we are in need of water. Our brains send a feeling of thirst. The root of the problem, however, is how we cure that thirst feeling. Most Americans when thirsty will turn to sugary drinks like sodas or caffeine-type beverages. Another bad signal is when people have a headache, they think to eat something, but in reality, their body is really in need of water. Small things like that can lead to devastating long-term dehydration. So, now we know what the main cause is, how can we stay hydrated?

How To Stay Hydrated

I know this may be obvious but drink water! If you struggle to figure out how much water you need to drink per day, simply empty a milk jug or big drinking flask and dedicate yourself to finishing it every day. Another way to stay hydrated is snacking on more fruits and vegetables. The things to avoid (or limit) are soft drinks, alcohol, and caffeine.

Final Words

Being dehydrated sucks. Symptoms of dehydration include: feeling thirsty, dark yellow and strong-smelling pee, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, feeling tired, a dry mouth, lips, and eyes. It's important to take care of ourselves, we need our bodies to last us a lifetime after all! If you need any extra tips to stay hydrated, leave a comment and let me know. On that note, thank you for reading all the way to the end. If you enjoyed, please leave a like and follow to support me. Have an amazing day my friend!



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