How To Get Custom Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, And Even Stickers For Cheap.

Why Me

I believe that I’m the right fit for the job because of many reasons. One of them being I offer as many revisions as you could possibly need in order for your product to be exactly how you like it. I also offer great quality, unlike most brands. I make sure the product your purchase is just how you want when it arrives at the door. if not, you can simply return it. I’ll try and make your purchase risk-free! Now, onto the price points.


I offer a good price for 1 shirt, but an even better price for ordering in bulk. Most companies will charge up to $30 for a custom short-sleeved shirt, that's crazy! Instead, I will charge $16.99 That's not so bad compared to the other prices. Keep in mind that in bulk, I could charge as low as $14 per shirt. if you own a business and need business shirts this would be the smart way to go. Long-sleeved shirts are $19.99 For hoodies, I offer $29.99. Not to mention you can use afterpay, Paypal, Google Pay, and your standard credit card as payment.


Shipping prices are $4.99 for standard shipping. Shipping time for the standard is between 1–2 weeks (rarely 3 weeks). I do offer faster shipping that can be delivered in less than 1 week but if you are patient there is no need to pay for faster shipping. With all my payment methods, revisions, quality products, pricing, and shipping I believe I am the right fit. If you want me to make you a custom high-quality shirt contact me at



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Gary Smith

Gary Smith

I blog about finance, hobbies I enjoy, and trending topics.